Four (4) soldiers died in a traffic accident in the northern Togo


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The Togolese army is once again in mourning when four (4) soldiers are said to have died in a traffic accident on the road to Bafilo on Friday May 15, 2020.

According to our colleagues from, taken up by some other magazines, the accident occurred last Friday on the road to Bafilo in northern Togo.

«The FAT truck in transit for Kara unfortunately ended its journey at a turning point,» said the source.

We also learned that, all the passengers on board lost their lives. These are 4 soldiers and a secretary to the cabinet of the Chief of the Defense Staff.

This unfortunate event happened less than two weeks after the shocking death of Colonel Bitala Madjoulba. The investigation opened following his assassination continues and the body of the deceased is still at the mortuary. Another investigation is opened to clarify the real causes of the recent accident.


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